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"Every day is crazy. Born and raised in Brixton, London. Influenced by a whole hurricane of genres. Hip Hop. Jungle. Reggae. Dub. Blues. A lover of bass. Orchestral music. Sound design. Drumming since the age of 9. Studied at art college and film school. Grafted my way into the music industry. Engaged in the art of production.

Worked my way up. Extreme sleep deprivation. Hard work. Ambition. Learnt on the job, with industry greats. Became a studio engineer. Formed a strong connection with reggae artists. Worked with Bob Marley's musicians. Grew a deep respect for their culture and musicianship. Taught to close my eyes and feel the music. Respect the rhythm. Learnt the art of dub mixing. Silence is just as powerful.

Love a voice with character. Tone. Something to say. Talent over looks. Quality over quantity. Love to work quickly. Capture the moment. Play different instruments. Have a laugh along the way. Mash up different genres. Push boundaries. Discuss new ideas. Think outside the box.

Fascinated by cultures. Continuously fascinated by the world around us. Had some incredible life experiences. Witnessed the Earth's curve from African heights. Witnessed truly poverty stricken slums. It’s just luck if you're born on the other side. Amazed. Confused. Horrified. Inspired. Life is the greatest cinema, and music is the soundtrack to our lives."

To watch an interview with Dan, click the following link:


Daniel M Vinci, a.k.a Dan Vinci.

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